A Daring Rescue

(Assuming we don't drop her down a pit)

Tor chimes up -

Why are we looking to bring her to the exit? Unless we are expecting to find our backup (who we probably would have heard stomping around in here by now), she’s still safer with us in the crypt than by herself hanging around in the woods outside the crypt by herself.

While we need some sort of break to let John and Orrin rest up, I’m confident that I can heal that infection you got from the rats if we take a nice rest. (Out Of Character: I have a +10 to heal, so unless this is one crazy poison odds are good I’ll clear it up for ya after a rest, see P 185 on treat disease) A rest wouldn’t do our semi-conscious companion any harm either.

If we bring her all the way back to town, it could take days and I really think there are more people in here that desperately need our help. So far enemies we’ve encountered have realized she’s either a) not a threat or b) valuable as a bargaining chip, so I say we rest up then press on to see if there’s someone else we can rescue.


So from John’s perspective he doesn’t much care one way or the other – we can keep going or turn back, as far as he’s concerned we’re going to clean out this entire place before we’re done, doesn’t matter how we do it. He does wish that the hostage would be able to hold a sword or at least a crossbow, but failing that he’s glad if she just stays clear of the fighting. OoC I was thinking to get the hostage to safety was our first priority, but you’re probably right that she’s safer with us than wandering the hills alone – I’m okay with pressing on.

A Daring Rescue

In-character: We have yet to face a challenge where our freed captive has been a liability but I assure you it is coming. It is only a matter of time until we fight in an area where she cannot reliably “hang back” or until we have enemies come up from behind while we are fighting. Then we may end up in a hostage situation far worse than the one we were in before. Imagine if a goblin coming up from behind us during the last battle had put a crosswbow to her head and had insisted that we all drop our weapons. Rescuing others is important. Finding Sinruth and ending this menace is important. Not dying or getting captured ourselves is more important than both and it is a little harder to do while walking around with freed captives.

OoC: I honestly can’t decide where is safer for her. It may very well be safer for her to hide outside than to walk around with us in here. Going back and clearing a path out is also not a bad idea. I am a little leery that we keep making our way further in while we know that there are goblins between us and the exit. Also if we do decide to double back it may make more sense to voluntarily climb down the pit traps and go through the mushroom room. They are probably not expecting us to emerge into that make three-door chamber from that direction.

A Daring Rescue

Tor grumbles and pulls on his beard thoughtfully. You think you smell smoke.

What if we brought her to the crypt entrance, shut the door to the outside, and tucked her away behind one of the big coffins? We could leave the ‘secret entrance’ coffin pushed aside and leave one of the goblin corpses in the stairwell leading further into the crypt. Hopefully any new bad guys would spot the open secret entrance and goblin corpse and run down into the crypt looking for us instead of spotting her? Plus it would be good fun to be putting one over on those greenskinned idiots.

If you don’t think that will fool ‘em then I guess we bring her to the nearest town and double back as quick as we can.

A Daring Rescue

Hey, check it out- Obsidian Portal did a software update tonight, and added a Forum section. Might be a more efficient way to talk about this stuff.

A Daring Rescue

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