A short prayer

Know thy place

A short prayer

Your most radiant holiness, thank you for your many blessings.
  • Thank you for blessing our party with angry drakes so that I may learn to stay away from angry things.
  • Thank you for blessing Orrin with shiny new armor.
  • Thank you for blessing our party with John the Beggar as he kicks much ass.
  • Thank you for blessing our adventures with pits so that I may learn the lesson of humility. Twice.
  • Thank you for blessing our party with Eadric as orbs of fire also kick much ass.
  • And finally, thank you for helping me to learn my lesson: being comfortable in my role as your supporting, healing servant and to stop bemoaning how I kick little to no ass. Next time, if I need to re-learn my place as a servant of faith, perhaps you could think of a way to convey this without bringing so many hobgoblins, archers, and angry drakes to stab, shoot and claw my friends to death?

I will humbly follow your divine instruction and re-focus my study on supporting the forces of good through your grace.

Your servant,

P.S. I’m still waiting for some undead.


That’s my RPG way of saying I’m taking the following:

2nd lvl Feat: “Shield The Fallen” feat at 2nd level instead of a more damage dealy-type feat. Gives a +2 bonus to all saving throws and defenses to an adjacent bloodied, unconscious, or helpless ally. (So once you go past 1/2 hit points, get next to me for a free +2 to AC)

2nd lvl Daily: “Shield of Faith” +2 AC bonus to all allies in range until the end of the encounter. Cool!

So that could be up to a +4 to AC if the situation is right. Would put Orrin at 22 AC I believe!

A short prayer

Hmm, let me know how that works out. I thought Cure Light Wounds was the automatic daily you’d want to take at 2nd level, but I’m open to persuasion on the point.

A short prayer

Cure Light Wounds was up there, a definite #2, but in the end Shield of Faith was more appealing because it would be for everybody and would last the whole encounter. Hopefully the +2 to AC would mean we (well, John and Orrin) get hit less often and don’t need quite so much intensive care :) Once we level up a bit more a +2 to our ACs will be a less significant jump, and our surge values will increase more too so I’ll probably switch it out for Cure Lt Wounds once we hit level 4 or so. Running out of surges in the last encounter was a bit scary but I think that a +2 AC to John/Orrin (and another +2 once they’re bloodied if they’re next to me) would have kept us in the game.


A short prayer

Hmm, this is a tough call. The +2 to AC makes a person 10% harder to hit in almost all situations. If you see a tough battle is coming and you cast it in the first round then this it is signficantly better than Cure Light Wounds, because that would be 10% hit chance reduction * number of times we get attacked during a battle. The average hit seems to do about the same amount of damage as a healing surge gives back, so as long as people receiving Shield of Faith get attacked 10 times or more during a battle (which should happen if all 4 of us are in range and it is cast early) then in expectation it is a better choice.

Hell after working through that logic I’m tempted to change on my other character.

A short prayer

Honestly a single healing surge seems to be a fairly poor heal compared to how much we’re getting beat on. I’m all for the +2 AC, I seem to remember quite a few rolls where it’s been within 1 or 2 of our AC. It’s going to be tough to call when exactly you should use it, but I’d say typically save it for the 2nd or 3rd encounter of the day since by then we’re running low on healing surges (well, the tanks are at least). <checks> Hey, daunting light at lvl 3 looks pretty darn good to me! Wow and Spiritual Weapon at lvl 5… in addition to generally kicking butt they both grant combat advantage, that would really help to end the fight more quickly… :)

A short prayer

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