Attack on Brindol

The first meeting

It was a quiet evening in Brindol’s Stag and Antler Tavern. Tor Hammerfist took up his usual place at the bar, chatting with Cicely, the bartender and owner. At a corner table, Orrin Klaeve had taken pity on an itinerant calling himself John the Beggar, and bought him a drink to raise his spirits. As the waitress, Alia, took their order, she flirted coyly with the Northman.

Eadric Godwinson, a newcomer to Brindol, sat alone, surveying the other patrons. As he did, two large and rather drunk townsmen, Zeke and Vigor, stumbled to his table. The boasted that they were members of the town watch, and demanded to see his papers. Although he produced them quickly, and identified himself as a former soldier, Zeke and Vigor seemed ready to pick a fight. Before they could, however, an middle-aged man with a hooked nose approached them and calmed them with a few words and a round of drinks. He warned Eadric to choose his words more carefully around the town watch, for in Brindol, as in all of Dornath, suspicion and tensions are high.

Moments later, the door to the tavern burst open. Four hobgoblins rushed in, brutally slaying Alia and several patrons at nearby tables. One of them shouted something gutteral, which sounded like “For Sinruth! For the Hand!” A smaller goblin followed them in, and threw the first of several white-hot torches, which hit the bottles behind the bar, igniting them.

Panic erupted in the tavern. Several patrons ran for the back door, only to be slain by a second group of hobgoblins. A few of the townsfolk resisted, wielding bottles, pewter plates, and skewers of meat as weapons. Zeke made a valiant attempt, but was one of the first to die. The hook-nosed stranger had better luck, landing a few glancing blows to the head of one of the creatures. The bartender, Cicely, grabbed a hidden crossbow from behind the bar, striking down another.

Orrin leaped from his seat, cutting down several creatures with his greatsword. Eadric fired massive blasts of energy, incinerating multiple enemies at a time, while Tor called upon the blessings of Pelor to smite them. Even the ragged beggar joined the fray, moving faster and more nimbly than his gray hair would suggest.

Once most of the creatures had been dispatched, one of the small goblins bolted out the back door. Tor, John, and Eadric chased and subdued him, while Orrin, the hook-nosed man, and Cicely gathered townsfolk for a bucket brigade. As they did, Orrin saw a huge creature, three times the size of a man, lumbering up the main street. Behind him, he pulled a wagon with two goblin sharpshooters. As the ogre slowly pulled the wagon up the street, it threw flaming casks at buildings and townsfolk, setting the small blazes up and down the street.

Orrin retreated inside, and arranged a hasty plan with his new allies. When the ogre stepped into view of the tavern window, Orrin, Tor, and John crashed through the window, attacking the ogre with every resource they had left. Eadric hung back, firing magical missiles through the window. The ogre was an overwhelming opponent, landing devastating blows with each swing of his club. After a long and fierce battle, which left both Orrin and John bloodied and unconscious in the street, the heroes prevailed.



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