Eadric's Journal, Entry 1

Wait...he used his daily power when?!?

Captain’s Log Stardate 42.31415

Wizard’s Log Day 1*

This has proven to be a far more interesting day than I would have imagined when I woke up. The day began with a visit to see Hyel, the local loremaster here in town. It appears that my trail has grown cold. Perhaps the rumors of the abandoned Magister’s Keep in the area are just that: rumors. Hyel could give me no specifics about the location of the keep, or even of the probability that such a thing exists. His best advice was to “head into the Witchwood and hope for the best”. Yes, that is an excellent plan, Hyel. Maybe when I get back the Sugarbeet Fairy will have left a present under my bed as well?

My frustrations with Hyel and this failure of a quest drove me to the Stag and Antler. Not the nicest tavern I have rested in, but certainly good enough for me—and probably better than the people of Brindol deserve, if their welcoming committee is any indication. Things were proceeding as they should at any reputable inn: a game of chance for large stakes of gold was going on in the corner, a beggar was performing a good bit of diplomacy for the coin purse of a fellow patron, a man of the cloth was doing his own bit of diplomacy in an attempt to win over the barmaid, and the drunken town watch was throwing its ounces around. This peaceful scene, straight out of one of Neland’s Tales of Rural Dornath, was interrupted by a large, coordinated, savage attack by some of the greenskins in the area. Fighting under the banner of Sinruth and the Hand (note to self: find out more about them), numerous goblinoid creatures invaded Brindol with the purpose of lighting the place up like a Harvest bonfire.

Several of the more capable patrons (notably not including my new friends from the town watch) successfully warded off the first wave of the attack. I was pleased that the goblins and hobgoblins attacked in the exact formation favored by some of my spells. If I ever find this Sinruth person I must compliment him on his horrid tactical training of his “troops”. I fared less well in the subsequent fight against an ogre. Maybe it was the loss of adrenaline as the fight wore on, but my aim with my spells grew worse. I finally managed to connect with a burst of magical energy that took out the hobgoblins, the ogre’s corpse, the cart they were riding on, several buildings in the area, and possibly a few of the lower-orbiting planets. I am not sure if that made up for my failings during the rest of the fight, but it definitely made me feel better. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, especially given my setbacks in finding the Magister’s Keep, but perhaps the search for information about Sinruth and/or the Hand will yield further magical secrets. Corellon works in mysterious ways…

  • - Obviously Eadric would not date things from the start of the campaign, but I will try to in order to keep things simple.



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