From now on we give all the magic items to you.

That's right, I got it in writing.

Wizard’s Log Day 3

Some days sound more heroic than others. Perhaps the day where we bravely vanquished goblin pets, valiantly avoided stepping on mushrooms, gallantly rested repeatedly and boldly failed to successfully cross pit traps…several times, is not one we want to look back on often. We did manage to kill quite a few goblins, hobgoblins, minidragons (it sounds much more heroic when I describe them that way), and one goblin crossbowman with undeniable sex appeal and great hair.

Things I learned today:

  1. Do not make the beggar angry
  2. If you do make him angry, do not let him get behind you
  3. Pits are for falling in
  4. Discretion probably is the better part of valor
  5. So that’s what a healing surge feels like
  6. That flaming sphere comes in handy
  7. Even undeniably sexy goblins with great hair can be lit on fire


That flaming sphere was killer. What are you adding to your arsenal at lvl 2?


Honestly? The level 2 wizard utilities kind of suck. Perhaps I’ll take feather fall in light of our complete lack of athletic abilities.


Really? I think both Shield and Expeditious Retreat are pretty sweet. Not necessarily useful in every encounter, but if things go wrong and you end up in melee with a bugbear, they’d be nice to have in your pocket.


Perhaps I’m just expecting too much from a level 2 utility? :-P

Shield is decent, but it raises the obvious question of how often I get attacked. I’ve been hit twice total in all three sessions. Expeditious retreat, otoh, would be much much much more useful if it was a group spell. In other words, it reminds me of the old line, “I don’t have to outrun the bugbear, I just have to outrun the other guy”.


The pudgy, out of shape cleric votes for “jump” :)


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