Gallahad, Lancelot and I jump out of the dead squirrel

Wizard’s Log Day 2

Today…things got complicated. It turns out that the greenskin skirmish I found myself drawn into yesterday at the bar was part of a much larger assault. The assault itself seems likely to have been a distraction. The goblinoid forces – led from afar by someone or thing known as Sinruth (possibly a particularly intelligent and fierce goblin, but possibly not) – left the city with a number of items belonging to a local military hero. They may have gotten away with it without much cry from the townsfolk. The items might hold historical interest but they are hardly worth dying in an assault over. But they also abducted several townsfolk. That always gets a response.

I have joined up with the three fellows who acquitted themselves well during the bar fight in desperate pursuit of the goblinoid forces. I am excited that I may have found some competent adventuring companions. Corellon knows it would be easier to improve my magical talents if I had some other people to work with. On the one hand, if I get any inkling that the four of us are some sort of mythical band of fellows – foretold three thousand years ago by some blind hermit who lived on top of a rock pole in the middle of the desert – I am done. I know what happens to the wizards in those groups. They either go mad, turn evil, or die. And they never, ever get laid. On the other hand, traveling with John has to improve my chances with the ladies, if only by comparison.

I am writing this entry from the inside of a crypt in which the goblins are holed up. We have taken a break so that Tor can leave a message for the cavalry. I think he is skeptical of our chances. You would think a Dwarf of god such as himself would have more faith. I have complete faith in him. I saw the look on his face when he found out there were undead down here – I’ll take my chances on him versus any living dead up to and including vampires, lichs, or my ex-girlfriend.

I think I see him coming back. Onward we go.


Ha! Reading the adventure logs is almost as fun as the actual adventuring :)


Agreed. It’s a nice way to stay involved between adventures.


Yep, I’ve really been enjoying these as well. It’s a nice way to get to know the characters outside of the sessions.


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