John the Beggar's Private Journal, Day 1

Yeeeeargh! It’s not a real fight unless you end up bloody and unconscious in the street. And now, I finally have hope. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning. It’s been six months since I arrived in Brindol, the latest in a string of disappointments. Today was going to be like all the rest, until I saw the young fellow with the huge sword. Right away I knew he was going to be different. First I hit him up for some coin, then when he seemed intrigued I just kept talking – tales of adventure, romance, treasure, nevermind if it was true or not. He was hooked, wanted to hear more, so we ended up in the Stag and Antler with the first tolerable mug of ale I’ve had in far too long. To be sure there were plenty of raised eyebrows, and some wrinkled noses. But in the end they saw the sword and I will be death went looking for easier targets. They found one in a weary-looking guy sitting alone at a table. Tried to pick a fight they did, but the ex-soldier refused to be drawn in. Cooler heads prevailed, just in time for some goblins to blow in the door, trying to burn the whole darn place down. After that there wasn’t much thinking, the red blood mist took over like it always does. We must have fought well together, because the next thing I remember I’m lying in the road with a storm of crows dwarf looking down at me. There’s an ogre dead rotting in the street, and more corpses than you can shake a stick at piled up inside the burning tavern. Now by the might of my steel dagger I see before me, I may have found the ones I need to help me. And yet, I wonder… Such an unlikely bunch to be sure – an amorous dwarf, a mage uncertain of his calling, a far too chivalrous young fighter, and me old enough to be his grandad. But if we all stick together, and learn fight all-one as one then we might actually make this work. In any case it’s going to be a fun ride – I finally have a chance, and I’m gonna grab hold with both hands!



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