JtB Private Journal Entry #2

Where was I? Oh yes… after we finally killed the ogre for a while we just sat in shock. We decided to meet again the next morning, and the dwarf gave me a place to sleep (apparently he didn’t mind the stench). The next day we saw the councilman – the gaurds gave me some trouble over my papers, I have to remember to fix them up a bit. Then we eventually, painfully got the story from that goblin. Now maybe it’s just a coincidence – organized goblins and ogres taking hostages, and this “Sinruth” just happened to set up shop in Rivenroar’s old crypt. But I’m worried there’s something deeper, more sinister going on here. In any case, that’s when I made up my mind that we had to go… to find death, and maybe some answers.

We got to the crypt easily enough, and eventually figured out the bloody trick to get in. Then as we passed through the crypt I had a flashback, to a time before the war. I saw again the brutality, the screams, the endless inter-office memoranda signed in suspicious brown-red ink. Then it was gone…

In any case, once we got into the lower levels there was no time for thinking. Right away we had to fight our way through. As usual I don’t remember much of the fighting, just flashes. After the first fight ended, well… like my card shark buddy once said, “They had some aces, but my hand had the hearts.” Then the dwarf got to demonstrate his… grace. I can’t believe he fell – twice! I should really show him some tricks to break his fall – maybe then it won’t hurt as much. Then we fought through one more room, and the wizard got to show off a bit. All these battles have given me some ideas, for ducking and dodging during a fight – if I can get in a good position, then my daggers will drink deep.

Should I tell my new companions my suspicions, my fears, my nightmares? I can’t do this on my own – no, no, they wouldn’t believe me, it’s too much. I have no proof, it’s all conjecture. But if I’m right… well, maybe we’ll get some answers in this bloody crypt. Hopefully we’ll be in time to stage a rescue. Or, if my worst fears are realized… then we’ll have to contend with… what used to be… the hostages.



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