JtB Private Journal Entry #4

“Now THAT’S a knife.”

I didn’t care much one way or the other but the others decided to take the hostage woman back to safety. It worked out alright, when we got back to the room with the mushrooms we met up with a contingent of the town guards buffoons. They showed us another of the hostages, a wise woman held captive helpless oh gods the pain inside a magic shield. After Orrin made a few lumbering attempts to free her I tossed her a waterskin and we decided to try to find and kill kill kill the source of the magic. So we started clearing out the darn thing from top to bottom, which suited me just fine. Then while we were searching a grackle storeroom I found It. We examined it for a while, tried to figure out how It worked. It was outside my experience – older, and more wild. The mage was scared so scared, apparently he’s had bad luck with rosebush enchanted weapons, and the dwarf’s god forbade him from touching It. So much the better for me. It called to me. When I used It and felt It’s power, It felt like an old friend, rediscovered. Named the serpent’s fang, so shall it strike with the dripping venom of MY VENGANCE large bowl of porridge. So then we took a detour through a room with some lava beasts. They brought the heat flame, but in the end they went down melting like all the rest. We rescued the hostage they guarded and he gave us some key recon info on Sinruth. After Tor messed around with a magic pool we finally got it together and decided to go after Sinruth. What a fight that was, Orrin just pounded on him – toe-to-toe, while Tor kept pumping out the healing. Sinruth was increadibly strong, but Orrin was more than a match for him. So now we come to the letter. The mage was able to translate it from the guttural vernacular, and all was revealed. On the face of it a straightforward case of ambition and greed for The Hand. But under the surface, I sense the slimy putrid Hand of the guild at work. No wonder that their only interest lies in the weapon. No doubt they want to distill its secrets and subvert it for evil. I have to get that sword at all costs – the letter says to avoid showing it to the masters of rivenroar, so that’s exactly what I intend to do, preferably pressed hard against their throat.


Love it! The stream of semi-conciousness feels right in character for John. Dude scares me :)

JtB Private Journal Entry #4

Thanks! I actually have to make an effort to keep myself from putting in the paragraph breaks. I also was trying to show John spending about 2sec discussing the hostages and then 5min talking about the knife. He’s got his priorities in order… :)

JtB Private Journal Entry #4

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