Letter From Eofram

Letter received from Eofram at Witchcross:

11 Pasturemonth, 1267

My friends-

I have received the two messages you sent by wing. If I understood your first message correctly, it sounds as though a dire threat has been awakened within the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, and that an army approaches. I could not tell from your brief missive whether this relates to our earlier troubles or the object that you had retrieved. The Council has mobilized the Guards, and called up the militia to stand with them. If the army marches to Brindol, I do not know if our walls will hold, but Pelor willing, we will be ready.

Your second message was equally troubling. My reading of it was that Eadric, your former companion, has betrayed us to the enemy. Can it be? At your suggestion, I have moved the object to a new location, which is known only to myself and one other person. I will not tell you more, lest the location be once again compromised, but the person who shares the secret is trustworthy, and will seek you out should the need arise.

I also understood your warning of the threat from within our walls. I admit I had earlier dismissed John’s fears as largely unfounded. But, with Eadric’s defection, the evidence now seems unassailable, and I have acted on it. Know that late yesterday, town guardsmen acted in a coordinated operation to take into custody the members of the Arcadian Guild who served alongside them. The Guild members did not go quietly, injuring several of the guard. Of the twenty Guild members who had been sent to bolster our ranks, fourteen were captured and placed in confinement. Two others were killed in the struggle, but another four, including their captain Garrick, escaped. Their current whereabouts are not known, although we suspect they are still in Brindol.

This morning a contingent went to the dungeon to interrogate the prisoners as to their purposes. All fourteen Guildsmen were found dead in their cells, tongues swollen and faces purple. Our healer determined that all had died by the ingestion of poison, which we believe had been secreted within a hollow tooth possessed by each man for this purpose. I conveyed a sample to Bazgan Firetamer, who identified it as Darkdream poison, a highly potent toxin which kills painlessly within moments. This mass suicide has convinced those who had decried my actions against the Guildsmen , Harrik Orenna chief among them, that the Guild did indeed have some execrable scheme to bring harm to our town. I believe that Brindol may once again be in your debt for your timely warning.

Please take this opportunity to send a lengthier accounting of your experiences. I believe that Vigor and the other messengers are trustworthy, so far as any can be trusted in these days. I am particularly eager to know what has become of Amery Vraath, as well as greater information about the plans of the horde you report is headed toward Brindol. I have also sent along two pigeons for you to keep me apprised of further developments.

May Pelor shine his face unto you in these dark times.



On the one hand I am excited that the Guild’s activities were curtailed. On the other I am saddened for Eadric’s ultimate goals. If I had been less gloaty think of what a disaster would have befallen those idiots at Brindol!

Letter From Eofram

I just realized that this prophecy may actually be for Eofram – We should be sure to send it back with our next communication.

Letter From Eofram

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