Letter to Sinruth

Brave Sinruth,

We of the Hand salute you! Your ability to unite the free peoples for our cause has been admirable, and I trust that you are now ready to undertake this most vital of missions. Our patrons tell us that now is the time to strike.

As I informed you in my last communication, you should first take refuge in the burial complex known as Rivenroar. The unquiet spirits that linger there are sympathetic to our cause. The Rivenroar masters have agreed to do no harm to you or your soldiers, so long as you do not disturb their bodies or the treasures that accompanied them to their graves.

Once you have encamped in the Rivenroar complex, launch your assault on Brindol before the next full moon. Our sleeper agent within the town suggests a three pronged assault: One highly visible frontal assault on the north gates to draw their attention. A second forceful incursion through the eastern gate (which our agent suggests is the least well-guarded), to cause mayhem in the north half of the town. Finally, a quiet intrusion over the south wall, to infiltrate their Hall of “Valor”.

In this building, they have built a shrine to mock our people. It is filled with artifacts celebrating their cowardice and treachery in the great war. Take any spoils that you wish, but your primary target is a sword, made of precious metals, once carried by their chieftain Xavier (a pox be on his name). The retrieval of this sword is your only concern. All other treasures are incidental, all soldiers are expendable. I trust I make myself clear on this matter.

With regard to your previous question, take any captives that you wish, so long as it does not endanger the primary mission. If your captives can be exploited for our cause, so much the better, otherwise the masters of Rivenroar would welcome any gifts of warm flesh.

Once you return to the Rivenroar tombs, maintain secrecy. Make no other raids, no matter how tempting the targets, unless you hear otherwise from me. I will send you further details once I learn of your success. In the meantime, keep the sword safe at all costs, and let none, especially the Rivenroar masters, examine it.

I have put considerable faith in you, Sinruth. If you live up to my expectations, you may yet be counted as a Wyrmlord as I know you hope. If you fail me, I will find your mates and your offspring, and give them up as the first sacrifices.

Yours in the Hand,
Azarr Kul
High Wyrmlord


As Tor reads over the note his fists tighten on his warhammer. “Those dirty Rivenroar bastards, conniving with the undead! I am going to make… them… PAY.” He gives Sinruth a mighty kick to the head. “And thats for you, you pathetic toady. Wait till I find your puppet master and give him a taste of Pelor’s righteous ass kicking! Now… lets make sure your and your lame friends can’t be of any use to your undead neighbors.” Tor begins praying to Pelor to bless the corpses and ensure that their spirits are issued safely to the Raven queen and they can’t be reanimated or used as food by any of the evil undead we’re now sure are lurking about.

Letter to Sinruth

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