Notes from Vraath Keep

Koth’s Notes

The most noticeable thing in Koth’s Warroom is the large map of Elsir Vale spread across the table. It has arrows and notations written in Goblin which indicate an invasion plan for the Vale. In addition, you find numerous communiques, notes, and plans. All are written in Goblin, and many in a rudimentary code. It takes a full hour to sort through all of the notes, but with the addition of the map, you piece together the following information.

  • The Red Hand horde is gathering at Cinder Hill, preparing to march on Drellin’s Ferry. They will eventually sweep across Elsir Vale, with a particular focus on Brindol. However, it’s not made clear by the notes what their interest is in Brindol. o The horde will begin marching from Cinder Hill in 4 days, and reach Drellin’s Ferry 3 days after that.
  • The horde includes several thousand goblinoid warriors, under the command of fanatical priests of Tiamat. o The horde has united dozens of hobgoblin, goblin, bugbear, and ogre tribes from the Wyrmsmoke Mountains
  • Four commanders, or Wyrmlords, lead the Red Hand: Koth, Saarvith, Ulwai Stormcaller, and Hravek Kharn. o Koth is the newest of the Wyrmlords. He was tasked with gathering information about Drellin’s Ferry in preparation for the assault. His was that Drellin’s Ferry will pose little resistance to the horde, and will be a good source of slave labor. Although Koth had intended to lead the attack on Drellin’s Ferry personally, his death is unlikely to affect much about the attack o Saarvith has been sent on a special mission to the ruined city of Rhest, former capital of the Rhestian empire. o There is little information about Ulwai Stormcaller, other than the name, and the fact that she is a female hobgoblin o Kharn commands the horde itself and is currently at Cinder Hill
  • The High Wyrmlord who rules over all of them is a fearsome hobgoblin with draconic blood named Azarr Kul. He is a powerful priest of Tiamat, who dwells in a massive temple somewhere in the heart of the Wyrmsmoke mountains. o Several dragons serve Azarr Kul as advisors and subcommanders. Only one is named specifically, a green dragon name Ozyrrandion, who has flown orders to Vraath Keep on several occasions.
  • Ozyrrandion is currently at Skull Gorge Bridge, a site about a day’s march north of the keep. o Skull Gorge is a wide chasm, which can be crossed only by this bridge. o Kharn knows that this is a choke point in the horde’s advance. If enemies were to destroy the bridge, it would take the horde several days to find a way around the gorge, so he has tasked Ozyrrandion with guarding it.

Treasure in Vraath Vault

When we ended last time, you had just raised the bars protecting each of three small rooms in the vault.

In the first vault room are 10 locked coffers. After finding no traps, John rubs his hands greedily, and his lockpicks seem to appear from nowhere. Each box clicks open in quick succession.

  • 6 contain coins. All told, you find 2500 silver pieces, 1100 gp, and 80 platinum pieces.
  • 3 contain legal documents- tax receipts, notes of credit (all expired), and other largely uninteresting pieces of paper
  • 1 contains the deed to Vraath Keep, recognizing the holder as the legal owner of the keep.

In the second vault room are shelves and shelves of books, as well as a writing desk and chair, and a box of candles. The books include topics such as history, law, military strategy, religion, etc. It’s a nice collection, and you may find some good information in them, although none of the books singly are particularly valuable. Two books, however, draw your attention.

  • The journal of Amery Vraath (detailed in an upcoming e-mail)
  • The war journal of General Arrik Xavier (detailed in an upcoming e-mail)

In the third vault room (the one that the skeleton of Amery Vraath was crawling toward) is a single enormous chest, banded with iron. It takes John several tense minutes to open this lock, but he finally feels the tumblers click into place. Inside you find:

  • The skull of a dragon. Jorr identifies it as a black dragon, probably fairly young.
  • Two dozen enormous teeth (each as large as a man’s fist) on a string. Jorr thinks that they belonged to some sort of huge humanoid. Probably a giant, possibly ogre.
  • A huge spiked gauntlet, as large as a man’s chest. Much too large for a human to wear, although whatever belonged to those teeth could probably also wear the gauntlet
  • A white, gauzy sheet, folded up
  • A fine, gold trimmed robe, folded up

On the body of Amery Vraath himself, you find a large two-handed sword, a longbow, a quiver containing two arrows, and a suit of chain mail.

After you pile up all of the items, Eadric dons his glasses, and identifies the magical ones: Xavier’s Journal, The Huge gauntlet, the gauzy sheet, the robe, the sword, the bow, and the chain mail.



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