Shoot the hostage!

Well it would have solved a lot of our problems...

Wizard’s Log Day 4

It has been too long since I felt the camaraderie that comes with laying your life on the line with others. These past few days have recalled the times when I used to clear out goblin activity with my company. I have been having a strong sense of déjà vu, especially just now when we fought a hobgoblin who wielded arcane magic, much like that fateful day from the past…

But there is no time to dwell on that now. We have managed to rescue one of the townsfolk, though whether we have done so merely for her to die along with us in this crypt is still an open question. We are debating whether to turn back for the known exit, so that we can assure her safety. But what will we do when we get out there? If no back-up has arrived then surely we cannot just release her into the wilds by herself. Had we found another captive or two perhaps they would have a chance as a group. But with this area swarming with goblins it would be irresponsible to just let her go and hope for the best. Still, the alternative is not appealing. If we push further in we are tempting fate that she is not struck by a goblin arrow or an enemy approaching from behind. Such are the trials that mark our path.

On the bright side, and surely Corellon will always provide for one, we are becoming a more formidable group. Each of us has improved in our various skills even within the short time we have been together. Perhaps someday we will even have enough group courage to try some of those goblin onions.



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