The personal journal of Eofram Troyas

The personal journal of Eofram Troyas
14 Fallowmonth, 1267

Pelor be praised, my prayers have been answered! Nearly all of our townsfolk have been safely rescued from the clutches of the greens that abducted them last week. Sadly, Kartenix, a prominent member of the Vigilant (and, I daresay, one of the few whom I truly respected), was executed sometime prior to the rescue mission. As sad and senseless as his death was, my heart aches most greatly for his son, young Thurann, who has survived his own captivity only to find himself orphaned at the age of eight years.

Although I mourn this loss to our community, we must focus on the better news, that of the safe return of six of the seven abducted. Truly my faith in the four brave men that rescued them was not misplaced. By all accounts, these four entered the crypts of Rivenroar, and faced down both greenskins and the restless dead without fear. And by the strength of their sword arms, their wits, and their faith in the Sun Father, they returned victorious. (Truthfully, their tales put me in mind of some of my exploits with Amery Vraath and the other Bright Spears during the early days of the War.)

In addition to rescuing our captive townsfolk, these four new citizens of Brindol returned with many of the priceless treasures stolen from the Hall of Valor (and are even now in the crypt once more to retrieve the rest). What’s more, they have also returned with a most puzzling mystery. Within the hilt of the General’s own ceremonial sword, which I myself watched him use on countless occasions to swear enemy leaders to fealty, these four found a previously undiscovered compartment. Resting in that place was a very odd key with five large bits on the blade, and a scrap of parchment with a drawing and notations in Xavier’s own hand. I know not what to make of these, although it seems clear that both the greens and the lords of the restless dead believed these to be very valuable in some way. I have secured these objects in a place of safety, which I will not record here.

The discovery of these objects raises many more questions than it answers. Is it possible that Xavier held some great secret of which I am not aware? I trusted Arrik with my life, and will never ascribe a sinister motive to him, but his concealment of an apparently evil object is most troubling. To further investigate this, I have dispatched two Lions to retrieve the other objects of the General which we dispersed after the War. I have sent Tori Suyani to check on Arrik’s personal effects which were sent to the Xavier family farm outside of Witchcross. And I have dispatched Tucker Ash west to Vraath Keep to retrieve the General’s campaign notes from Amery. (Although this episode has reminded me of my delinquency in corresponding with Amery. Has it really been eight years since we last spoke? Surely his giant problem has been resolved by now.)

One final piece of news. We have finally received a messenger bird from Sevenoaks, more than a week after we sent our rider. As I suspected, King Edwyn confirmed that the royal army is stretched far too thin in protecting our borders from the Karatanian threat, and that no military reinforcements will be forthcoming. He has, however, offered to send a squad of hired mercenaries to bolster our defenses. Given the recent success at Rivenroar, I am hopeful that there will be no further goblin incursions, but until the repairs to our walls are completed, any assistance to our defense is welcome news.



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