The Tide is Turning

(assuming we don't have to jump anywhere)

What a busy day – We decided to bring our rescued friend back to the town, but on the way out of the crypt we heard voices and saw lights! Eardric wisely used his magical abilities to lure the unknown party forward so that we could spring a trap on them (most likely me, falling out of the pit again) but as they approached we found (thank Pelor) that it was the second rescue party, sent by Effram. John used his climbing kit and a rope to give us a safer way down the pit into the room below, so I was able to avoid yet another fall on my head.

After talking with the militia from the town, they led us to another captive trapped in a strange, magical barrier. Despite Orrin’s brave attempts, we were not yet able to free this woman, but we were able to pass her some liquids. We rested up (all of us were pretty beat up from the last few encounter) and then continued on.

Off the barracks we found a storeroom and a magical dagger for John. How exciting! I’m sure that Pelor wouldn’t approve of me using a poisoned weapon, but I have to admit it sure feels good to see it in John’s capable hands. We also had to fight some tough lava creatures. Despite everyone in the party’s encouragement, I was unable to jump over the lava streams, and fell in. Twice. One bright spot – we did manage to rescue yet another captive who was imprisoned in one of the cells off the room with the lava. The gentleman gave us good directions on where to find Sinruth, so we headed in that direction.

While scouting the area around Sinruth, we did find a fascinating magical pool. Despite Eadric’s warnings, I explored the pool and found that it was actually a scrying device, showing several of the areas among the crypt. I have been finding it harder and harder as we progress through this crypt to remain as cautious as Eadric as we face these new and fascinating magical devices. I suppose his time in the military has shown him the corpses of many a too-rash-for-his-own-good soldier and I should heed his warnings more… but its just so hard to not explore these amazing things I’ve only been able to read about in school and never actually touch.

Finally, we found and wiped out Sinruth and his gang. Orrin truly shined in this battle – landing two of the most mighty blows that I have ever seen on the huge hobgoblin, while the rest of the party attacked from a distance and I (though mighty Pelor) kept healing Orrin as much as I could. Once Orrin fell Sinruth, the rest of his cronies fell quickly to John and Orrin’s blades.

We still have people to rescue and items to recover, so we can’t linger on this success for long, but for the first time since we entered this crypt, I think we actually stand a chance of completing our tasks without one of us ending up dead. Or worse.




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