Tor's letter to Golran

Guess who's not going back to the Stag & Antler


You’ll never believe the night I had! You’re always chiding me to get my nose out of my books and just go mix things up, and I have to say I think you’re right now.

I was chatting up Cicely at the Stag & Antler, getting nowhere as usual, when the door busts open and in come a whole mess of goblins! They cut down a waitress and a few locals before anyone could react. Most of the locals were useless but there was a mage who lit the lot of them up – you should have seen it (though it stunk something awful), and this guy with a HUGE sword let into them like he knew what he was doing. Even the wiry geezer in the corner was jumping over tables and gutting goblins left and right. Glorious!

I stuck close to the mage and we bashed the hell out of those goblins. I even remembered to revert to my priestly training and blast a few greenskins, though it was hard to resist melee. In the end, that’s what did me in. The four of us that knew what we were doing cleaned up a few more goblins sneaking in from the back and then… by Pelor you should have seen the size of this ogre. We did our best but he took out me, the swordsman, and the old guy.

Thank Pelor the mage was still up and he managed to finish off the ogre and drag us to safety before everything blew up but good. My beard is still singed in spots and the Stag & Antler is history! I was able to heal up the other guys once I regained conciousness, and introduce myself to the folks I was fighting alongside.

They’re a solid group of guys, I sense good in them, and I think I may be able to convince them to stick together for a little while longer. If this goblin incursion is any sign, this town may need a better class of defenders than our sickly town watch, and that may in turn solve some of those tuition problems I’ve been telling you about. Its not like I have anything else going on right now, so some part time work protecting the town may end up getting me enough coin for school and enough practical experience to make up for the training I’m currently missing.

I’ll keep you posted.

Send ale, weapons, and coin! -Tor



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