Wyrd Woman Prophecies

Two prophecies related by the Wyrd Women of the Circle of Eth at Witchcross. The first prophecy is said to involve the entire world.

Death is coming, moving inexorably toward us
Put into motion by the key to life or to death.
First will come the spirit of the mother to show the way.
Next will come the children, yearning to breathe free.
Finally will come the mother herself.
First will come the restless dead, hungering for life.
Next will come the fire, burning all it touches.
Finally will come the blackness, on the day of black sun.

The second prophecy is directed at you, or at someone you know personally:

Beware the bolt from above, which brings dreams of darkness.


looks like the first prophecy has two parts the first relating to the key to life and the second to the key of death. the spirit of the mother, children, and the mother herself being life and then restless dead, fire, blackness being death. where ever this prophecy starts we need to make sure that the key of life and not death is there.

Wyrd Woman Prophecies

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