Orrin Klaeve

17 years old, dark hair and penetrating blue eyes. He looks slightly haunted.


Orrin comes from the North country—an area of bitter cold winters, rugged valleys and simple farming, cattle raising (and thievery) and related industries. The political culture is one of feuding clans. These feuds rarely rise to the level of full on battles, although that has happened in the past. Mostly the rivalries take the form of mockery, poaching of cattle, etc. Every two years there is a meeting of the clans that serves both a political and economic purpose, but it also has contests that pit clan v clan. For a brief time during the great war, the clans were united under a common leader, but he died in the blast and the clans have fallen back apart. Even though the clans feud with one another, traditionally they have still seen themselves as a people in relation to the southerners, and large part of their identity comes from this. In fact that ideal – is something that is important. A true clansman would never harm a woman. A true clansman fights to defend his friends regardless of the odds. A true clansman defends his honor. A true clansman has an almost elemental attachment to the land in which they inhabit. The loss of so many men during the war, though, has put a severe strain on these values.

By the way, the code of honor outlined above is very different from a set of religious doctrines (i.e. a code followed by a Paladin). A clansman thinks nothing of whoring, brawling, heavy drinking, etc. These are normal activities. And the code of honor is not written down anywhere. It’s just understood that it is what make a true clansman different from, say, southerners.

All right, Orrin. Orrin is about 17. He has a too quick temper, and he also has a self-destructive streak that sometimes comes to the fore. When he’s in this mood he is rash, challenging and violent in an almost suicidal way. In this mood he actively seeks danger. At other times though, he’ll joke, drink, and get along with the almost anyone—the rougher the better. Orrin doesn’t yet think in terms of consequences. He has killed and has no regrets over having done so. To him the world is pretty black and white. There are people who are good and honest and those who are underhanded. If the latter die, so what?

Orrin Klaeve

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