Tor Hammerfist

Medium height/build (for a dwarf), bald, and a short beard which is always a bit more unruly than socially acceptable.


Str: 10 (+0)

Con: 14 (+2) (Base=12 +2 racial)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Int: 9 (-1)

Wis: 18 (+4) (Base=16 +2 racial)

Cha: 14 (+2)

AC: 16

Fort: 12

Ref: 12

Will: 16 (10+4+2 from class)

Trained skills:
  • Heal
  • Insight
  • Religion
  • Diplomacy
  • Astral Fire (+1 dmg to all radiant,fire keywords)
  • Ritual Caster (from class, knows “Gentle Repose” and “Comprehend Language”)
At Will
  • Lance of Faith (Wis+4 vs Ref) 1d8+5 grants +2 to attack to ally
  • Sacred Flame (Wis+4 vs Ref) 1d6+5 grants +2 tmp hitpoints to ally
  • Divine glow (Wis+4 vs Ref) 1d8+5, allies get +2 to attack, close blast 3
  • Beacon of Hope (Wis+4 vs Will), burst 3, weakens enemy, 5 hp to allies, +5 to future healing actions
  • Warhammer (+2 prof from racial, does 1d10)
  • Chain mail (+6 AC)
  • Std Adv. kit

Speed: 5 (No slowdown due to armor or heavy load, per racial skill)


Torin’s family founded the dwarven community in the Hammerfist mountains and ruled it fairly for many generations. The last few generations, however, saw a portion of the Hammerfist clan become more and more power hungry and corrupt. While Torin’s grandparents tried to address the corruption and return justice to the community, the Hammerfists already in control saw the intrusion as a threat to their power and clamped down even harder. Eventually the regime so outraged the populace they rose up and overthrew the rulers. With their memories and tempers made short by long suffering and strife, they banished the entire Hammerfist clan to the edge of the wastelands for a generation.

While in the wastelands, the conflict between the two sides of the clan finally came to a head, and a bloody struggle took the lives of the strongest of each portion of the clan. Weakened to the point where there was almost no other choice, the clan returned to civility and fairness. At this point Torin was dispatched to Brindol for priestly study, with the goal of returning to Hammerfist to serve and rebuild the family name.

Shortly after his departure, the community fell to an undead horde expanding westward from the wasteland. Upon hearing the news Torin returned home to find many of his family not only dead, but possessed by the necromancer responsible for the incursion. Beaten back and nearly killed, Torin returned to Brindol to modify his study to combat the undead. Visions of his friends and family as shuffling zombies haunt him, and he vows to gain the power and resources to return and release the trapped souls of the undead. If doing so means smashing those responsible with a war hammer, all the better.

After addressing the necromancer and undoing the damage he has wrought, Torin hopes to return to the town his family founded to serve the community and rebuild respect for the Hammerfist name.

Tor Hammerfist

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