General Xavier Military Journal

Excerpts from the Military Journal of General Arrik Xavier

18 Meloramonth, 1252

We have been deployed, and marched across Dornath into Tarna. The Tarnacs have sent ten thousand troops to serve under my command, many of whom I faced in battle not ten years ago. But now we face a common enemy in the Karatanians, and war makes strange bedfellows.

Between the Dornathians, Tarnacs, and Fardwahs, my force is more than one hundred thousand strong. General Wilhelm commands a force of equal size, and marches to the south. We will encircle the Karatanians and crush them like a Colrani Pincer Maneuver on a massive scale. The tactics we have devised are sound. Once we engage the enemy, I will have a better estimate of their prowess, but I see no less than an 82% chance of complete success for our Allied forces.

22 Bloodmonth, 1253

We faced another contingent of Karatanians today. Their cavalry tactics are damnably impressive, and they rode circles around our own cavalry. Informed Sgt. Colins to double the horse training. Same story as the last two months. The K’s pushed forward with a predictable Ziegfeld Offensive, but succeeded in moving our front back several miles. We dug in, drove them back with a Willow Branch Maneuver. This dance grows old, particularly as the weather grows colder. The wind is bitter on these plains.

6 Horningmonth, 1254

Another goblin attack in the night. I don’t know how the Karatanians have gained their allegiance, but the greenskins are wearing us down. Three times this week, they have slipped through our watch, and attacked within the camp in dead of night. The men are fatigued from battles with the K’s during the day, now doubly so for lack of sound sleep at night.

One spot of levity in an otherwise dismal day. I have grown close to several of the men from Elsir Vale, as we talk about places we all have known. Eofram Troyas, Amery Vraath, Teleus Restan, old Sertanian, and I were sharing a drink and talk of home when the greenskin attack unfolded. The Elsir men jumped into action first, and led the charge to drive the greenskins back. When they returned to camp, Troyas tossed the head of an ogre to the ground and told me, “See sir, even in blackest night, we men of the Vale will be your bright spears.” And they are.

6 Fallowmonth, 1257

Yesterday a scout returned word of a strange cave. He sought shelter from the sun, and found a door, carved into the rock within the cave, with an enormous keyhole and strange carvings. My curiosity was piqued. I would ordinarily send my trusted Bright Spears to investigate, but they are leading an attack on a Karatanian camp. And so, after months staring at maps in camp like an old man, I longed to stretch my legs and my eyes, and went myself, along with Colonel Pelken and our bodyguards, as well as Lieutenant Astrel, a young man with great prowess and interest in things arcane.

(Here a square scrap of paper has been torn from the page.)

The locals call it the Cave of Fenris, and believe that it is the home of a great 5-headed wolf, called the Fenris, which slumbers until the end of days. The exterior of the cave was wondrous to behold, with carvings of great antiquity, and I longed to see within the door. Something about it held my attention, and insisted that I open it.

As we investigated further, in the nearby town we met a family that claims to have been the keepers of the Fenris Cave for one hundred generations. The patriarch, an elderly man with a gaze of steel, summoned us, and sat with me in silence for several minutes. He then told me through our translator that his god (whom he referred to as “Vanathor”) had told him that I was the the one prophecied to bring change to the world, and that I was destined to open the Fenris Door. He opened a carved box, and withdrew a key, placing it in my hand. Dumbfounded, I humbly thanked him and have now returned with my men to the cave. I know not what to make of this day.

8 Fallowmonth, 1257

Where to begin? We opened the cave door, and it was more wondrous, and more deadly, than I could have imagined. The complex behind the door was protected by guardians of stone and metal, fire and ice. My men and I used stealth and might of arm to make our way through the complex, the details of which I must be forced to recount at a future time. Of more than 20 men who entered the cave, only myself, Pelken, and Astrel survived. But I believe that the gains we made may have been worth the sacrifice of good men.

Two facts only will I document at this time. First, the artwork within the complex revealed many appearances of the creature the locals call Fenris. Many were of a five-headed wolf, but others showed a snake, tiger, or shark, each with five heads. Most prominent, however, were depictions of a five-headed dragon, which looked to my eye very much like the portraits of Tiamat I have seen within blasphemous temples. Astrel concurs, that these may be many aspects of the god we call Tiamat.

Second, upon reaching the heart of the temple complex, we found a great hall, with magical sigils covering the floor. Within this great hall were arrayed five enormous, scaly eggs, each nearly the size of a barrel. What Astrel could comprehend of the inscriptions indicated that these are the true children of Tiamat, which will someday hatch and bring about the end of the world. Beset by enemies, and not knowing what else to do, I directed Pelken to help me lift one of the massive eggs, and we ran from the temple, the guardians fierce on our trail. We slammed the door behind us and locked it, hearing the guardians howling with rage within.

We shall take the egg in secret with us back to camp, so that Astrel may study it. If these eggs are truly the children of Tiamat, the possible military implications are enormous, and should be further explored.

The precise location of the cave is below, encryption CARDINAL


28 Fallowmonth, 1257

Eight days ago, in the hills of Fardwahn, we faced down a regiment of Karatanians, in as fierce a battle frenzy as I have ever seen. Fully one half of their army was made up of creatures of nightmare- demons, walking corpses, writhing masses of black ichor, flying beasts with razored claws. The Karatanians are savage warriors, but they are still men. These were monsters, to whom the notion of fear is alien. The demons laughed as they ripped apart my men, and ate their steaming organs like candied sweetbreads.

This battle raged for nearly a week, and strained my ability to command, but, against all odds, we drove the enemy back. Our left column feinted, counting on the bloodlust of the enemy to draw it forward. The 3rd cavalry squadron rode from hiding, while the mages rained down fire in a Montreauche Strategem. I followed this with a Jomini Passant and a Boar’s Head from the ground troops to press the advantage. We killed thousands of their troops, but nearly as many of our own died in the process. At last, the enemy broke, but has taken refuge in the twisting valleys among the hills.

I have read the communiques from the other generals. I know that the demons that have aligned themselves with Karatania have become more numerous in the past three months. Somewhere in the Karatanian ranks, the demons pour through a gateway from a realm where their numbers are limitless. For each one we kill, five stand ready to take its place.

We are losing this war.

29 Fallowmonth, 1257

Another communique arrived from the southern front. Wilhelm’s army is broken. There is nothing to stop the Karatanians from marching across Deistricht and into Dornath. Sevenoaks will fall.

Haymonth 1, 1257

This shall be my last entry. I do not know if any will ever read my thoughts here, or the things that I have foreseen and written in my personal journal. A large part of me hopes that they will not. But, I shall confess my great sin here, in the hopes that the gods will know of my contrition and anguish, and see fit to grant me mercy upon judgment.

When this war began, I saw our victory in eight out of every ten paths. With each passing month, the paths of fate have converged, and our chances have become slimmer. I now see no course of action that will find Dornath victorious. No future in which our land is not a blighted haven for evil. No hope, save one. There is one path for which I cannot see the outcome, although I know that I will not live to walk upon it.

Lt. Astrel has continued to study the Egg that we removed from the Fenris Cave. He has learned that it is unlike a normal egg, in that there is no creature gestating within the egg. Rather, each egg contains a conduit to a realm of pure energy. It is from this realm, and by these conduits, that the children of Tiamat shall emerge at some time in the future. Astrel believes that the forces within the Fenris Eggs are held tenuously. Although the Eggs are harder than steel, given sufficient force to shatter one, the energy would pour forth.

We are losing our battles against the northern Karatanian forces, but we keep them engaged and unable to bypass us. By my reckoning, in one week’s time, the southern Karatanian forces will pass at their closest to us on their march to Sevenoaks. At that time, Astrel, Pelken, and I will carry the Egg to the highest hill in Fardwahn. There we shall use our combined might to shatter the Egg. Whether this will be enough, I know not. But there is no other path to follow.

I am about to sacrifice tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of the men under my command, in a desperate attempt to stop the Karatanians. My heart aches for each of them, their families, their wives and children. They are doomed, and I am the hand that wields the sword to strike them down.

I have permitted myself one selfish act. Yesterday I ordered my Bright Spears into a canyon in pursuit of a Karatanian patrol. I knew it was an ambush. I could read it as plainly as the book in my hands now, and yet my soldiers suspected nothing. I counted to one hundred, then sent reinforcements. The men fought back the demons, and recovered the broken bodies of the Bright Spears, as I knew they would. Eofram, Amery, Sertanian, and Teleus all survived, but barely. I have ordered them transported back to Dornath immediately for medical care. They are grievously wounded and may still die, but that is better than the certainty of death that awaits them if they stay. With them I will send these writings and some of my effects, in which I have secreted the key to the Fenris Cave.

Whatever evil I am about to unleash, I do so to avoid a greater evil to the land I love. May Pelor have mercy on my soul.

Notes from Vraath Keep

Koth’s Notes

The most noticeable thing in Koth’s Warroom is the large map of Elsir Vale spread across the table. It has arrows and notations written in Goblin which indicate an invasion plan for the Vale. In addition, you find numerous communiques, notes, and plans. All are written in Goblin, and many in a rudimentary code. It takes a full hour to sort through all of the notes, but with the addition of the map, you piece together the following information.

  • The Red Hand horde is gathering at Cinder Hill, preparing to march on Drellin’s Ferry. They will eventually sweep across Elsir Vale, with a particular focus on Brindol. However, it’s not made clear by the notes what their interest is in Brindol. o The horde will begin marching from Cinder Hill in 4 days, and reach Drellin’s Ferry 3 days after that.
  • The horde includes several thousand goblinoid warriors, under the command of fanatical priests of Tiamat. o The horde has united dozens of hobgoblin, goblin, bugbear, and ogre tribes from the Wyrmsmoke Mountains
  • Four commanders, or Wyrmlords, lead the Red Hand: Koth, Saarvith, Ulwai Stormcaller, and Hravek Kharn. o Koth is the newest of the Wyrmlords. He was tasked with gathering information about Drellin’s Ferry in preparation for the assault. His was that Drellin’s Ferry will pose little resistance to the horde, and will be a good source of slave labor. Although Koth had intended to lead the attack on Drellin’s Ferry personally, his death is unlikely to affect much about the attack o Saarvith has been sent on a special mission to the ruined city of Rhest, former capital of the Rhestian empire. o There is little information about Ulwai Stormcaller, other than the name, and the fact that she is a female hobgoblin o Kharn commands the horde itself and is currently at Cinder Hill
  • The High Wyrmlord who rules over all of them is a fearsome hobgoblin with draconic blood named Azarr Kul. He is a powerful priest of Tiamat, who dwells in a massive temple somewhere in the heart of the Wyrmsmoke mountains. o Several dragons serve Azarr Kul as advisors and subcommanders. Only one is named specifically, a green dragon name Ozyrrandion, who has flown orders to Vraath Keep on several occasions.
  • Ozyrrandion is currently at Skull Gorge Bridge, a site about a day’s march north of the keep. o Skull Gorge is a wide chasm, which can be crossed only by this bridge. o Kharn knows that this is a choke point in the horde’s advance. If enemies were to destroy the bridge, it would take the horde several days to find a way around the gorge, so he has tasked Ozyrrandion with guarding it.

Treasure in Vraath Vault

When we ended last time, you had just raised the bars protecting each of three small rooms in the vault.

In the first vault room are 10 locked coffers. After finding no traps, John rubs his hands greedily, and his lockpicks seem to appear from nowhere. Each box clicks open in quick succession.

  • 6 contain coins. All told, you find 2500 silver pieces, 1100 gp, and 80 platinum pieces.
  • 3 contain legal documents- tax receipts, notes of credit (all expired), and other largely uninteresting pieces of paper
  • 1 contains the deed to Vraath Keep, recognizing the holder as the legal owner of the keep.

In the second vault room are shelves and shelves of books, as well as a writing desk and chair, and a box of candles. The books include topics such as history, law, military strategy, religion, etc. It’s a nice collection, and you may find some good information in them, although none of the books singly are particularly valuable. Two books, however, draw your attention.

  • The journal of Amery Vraath (detailed in an upcoming e-mail)
  • The war journal of General Arrik Xavier (detailed in an upcoming e-mail)

In the third vault room (the one that the skeleton of Amery Vraath was crawling toward) is a single enormous chest, banded with iron. It takes John several tense minutes to open this lock, but he finally feels the tumblers click into place. Inside you find:

  • The skull of a dragon. Jorr identifies it as a black dragon, probably fairly young.
  • Two dozen enormous teeth (each as large as a man’s fist) on a string. Jorr thinks that they belonged to some sort of huge humanoid. Probably a giant, possibly ogre.
  • A huge spiked gauntlet, as large as a man’s chest. Much too large for a human to wear, although whatever belonged to those teeth could probably also wear the gauntlet
  • A white, gauzy sheet, folded up
  • A fine, gold trimmed robe, folded up

On the body of Amery Vraath himself, you find a large two-handed sword, a longbow, a quiver containing two arrows, and a suit of chain mail.

After you pile up all of the items, Eadric dons his glasses, and identifies the magical ones: Xavier’s Journal, The Huge gauntlet, the gauzy sheet, the robe, the sword, the bow, and the chain mail.

The personal journal of Eofram Troyas

The personal journal of Eofram Troyas
14 Fallowmonth, 1267

Pelor be praised, my prayers have been answered! Nearly all of our townsfolk have been safely rescued from the clutches of the greens that abducted them last week. Sadly, Kartenix, a prominent member of the Vigilant (and, I daresay, one of the few whom I truly respected), was executed sometime prior to the rescue mission. As sad and senseless as his death was, my heart aches most greatly for his son, young Thurann, who has survived his own captivity only to find himself orphaned at the age of eight years.

Although I mourn this loss to our community, we must focus on the better news, that of the safe return of six of the seven abducted. Truly my faith in the four brave men that rescued them was not misplaced. By all accounts, these four entered the crypts of Rivenroar, and faced down both greenskins and the restless dead without fear. And by the strength of their sword arms, their wits, and their faith in the Sun Father, they returned victorious. (Truthfully, their tales put me in mind of some of my exploits with Amery Vraath and the other Bright Spears during the early days of the War.)

In addition to rescuing our captive townsfolk, these four new citizens of Brindol returned with many of the priceless treasures stolen from the Hall of Valor (and are even now in the crypt once more to retrieve the rest). What’s more, they have also returned with a most puzzling mystery. Within the hilt of the General’s own ceremonial sword, which I myself watched him use on countless occasions to swear enemy leaders to fealty, these four found a previously undiscovered compartment. Resting in that place was a very odd key with five large bits on the blade, and a scrap of parchment with a drawing and notations in Xavier’s own hand. I know not what to make of these, although it seems clear that both the greens and the lords of the restless dead believed these to be very valuable in some way. I have secured these objects in a place of safety, which I will not record here.

The discovery of these objects raises many more questions than it answers. Is it possible that Xavier held some great secret of which I am not aware? I trusted Arrik with my life, and will never ascribe a sinister motive to him, but his concealment of an apparently evil object is most troubling. To further investigate this, I have dispatched two Lions to retrieve the other objects of the General which we dispersed after the War. I have sent Tori Suyani to check on Arrik’s personal effects which were sent to the Xavier family farm outside of Witchcross. And I have dispatched Tucker Ash west to Vraath Keep to retrieve the General’s campaign notes from Amery. (Although this episode has reminded me of my delinquency in corresponding with Amery. Has it really been eight years since we last spoke? Surely his giant problem has been resolved by now.)

One final piece of news. We have finally received a messenger bird from Sevenoaks, more than a week after we sent our rider. As I suspected, King Edwyn confirmed that the royal army is stretched far too thin in protecting our borders from the Karatanian threat, and that no military reinforcements will be forthcoming. He has, however, offered to send a squad of hired mercenaries to bolster our defenses. Given the recent success at Rivenroar, I am hopeful that there will be no further goblin incursions, but until the repairs to our walls are completed, any assistance to our defense is welcome news.

JtB Private Journal Entry #6

So now they know. After we defeated Rivenroar and I saw Eadric studying those books, I just couldn’t help myself. I knew I had to say something, to warn him of what I had seen, where it could lead so dark. Long I’ve tried to forget that fateful day, only to have it return again and again with full force. The devastation, the horror… The mages of The Guild, they thought they were doing the right thing. They went into it with the best of intentions, but then they changed. Oh my gods they changed before my eyes, twisted by the power they channeled. I know they were to blame! Now they’ve gone to ground, and The Guild is hiding them so deep in the muck. But I will find them, oh yes, and I will make them pay. I could see Eadric didn’t believe me, but he just needs to look at the facts. General Xavier, Leader in the Army and by all accounts a Regular Good Guy, just happens to have a Key of Evil hidden in his favorite sword. Then Lord Rivenroar, a Model Citizen and Pillar of the Community, turns out to be a acolyte of Vecna. Do I have to draw Eadric a friggin map? He trusts the Army, he trusts the Government. He’s got to realize that everyone is suspect until proven otherwise no no no trust never again. I need to convince him, before it’s too late. In any case, Rivenroar refused to give me any info about the Guild, so any secrets he had he took back with him to the grave cold enveloping. Now the only lead I have is the Key of Evil and the Cave of Fenris. That name again, it screams in my head, it can’t be a coincidence… But I have no chance on my own so alone, my only hope salvation is with this party – no matter what happens from now on I’m sticking with them.

JtB Private Journal Entry #5

I must be quick. The encounters all run together – rivers of enemies, like stalks of wheat to be reaped by my blade. We have found more captives and now they are freed I long to be free this hideous burden. One thing stands out in my mind, as the former owner of the Serpent’s Fang fell beneath its bite. Now the blade is mine, by rite of blood and strength. Then there were lighter moments – the dwarf with odd humor has christened the entity that takes control during fights “Stabby McStabberson.” A strange name to be sure, but appropriate. Now after all this fighting I can feel my skills increasing. I believe I’ve found a quick slashing attack that can take the enemy unawares – I’m sure “Stabby” will take full advantage. And some of my health strength vitality has returned but never like it was so broken. Onward now, no time to waste – I feel the evil presence of Rivenroar close at hand, we must end it now! One question still lingers – of all the captives, only one was deemed dangerous enough to confine in a magical prison. What power does this so-called “wise woman” hide? We must be cautious when we release her.

Not all Dwarves can swing axes, but I know one who probably wants to.
So that's what it feels like to get hit...

Wizard’s Log Day 6*

We are a motley crew who has come to the aid of Brindol. The more of I learn of my compatriots, the more I find myself playing the role of den mother. I wonder exactly when their exuberance will get us killed. Rodrick would not be surprised to learn that I am the cautious one, always hanging back, always expecting the deadly trap or the silent ambush. Each of them has their own reasons for their actions. I have come to the conclusion that John’s tales of his time in the army are just that – fabricated stories created to tug at the heart strings of the general populace. But who can be angry with him for it? His brashness and his desire to take on anything that comes are infectious. And Orrin…how can it be that Orrin has survived this long without his strange chivalric urges getting him killed? If we are ever lured to our demise it will be because some enemy cunningly harnesses an illusion spell of a damsel in distress to make Orrin forget all reason.

And then there is Tor. Tor, despite his superior years, reminds me much of myself at a younger age. I can remember when I first went out on patrol with the army. I thought I knew everything there was to know about myself and my skills. I had found my niche in life as a provisions officer and I could hardly have foreseen what Corellon had in store for me. This seems to be Tor’s first time adventuring outside the protection of his Order’s churches. From our first battles he clearly thought of himself as a Dwarf who was content to hang in the back, slinging divine spells to match my arcane ones. But how could a Dwarf think to deny his own racial heritage? It is clear to us all that he yearns to be on the front lines. It will be interesting to see which way he turns.

We have almost finished our business in the Rivenroar crypts. There are still dangers ahead in the form of the masters of Rivenroar. But given the way we convincingly dismissed their living allies, I expect that we will rise to the challenge of ending the undead menace. From there we will have to turn our attention to learning more about these Wyrmlords.

  • - Note: Wizard’s Log Day 5 was lost to a misplaced flaming sphere spell. Important lessons were learned.
JtB Private Journal Entry #4

“Now THAT’S a knife.”

I didn’t care much one way or the other but the others decided to take the hostage woman back to safety. It worked out alright, when we got back to the room with the mushrooms we met up with a contingent of the town guards buffoons. They showed us another of the hostages, a wise woman held captive helpless oh gods the pain inside a magic shield. After Orrin made a few lumbering attempts to free her I tossed her a waterskin and we decided to try to find and kill kill kill the source of the magic. So we started clearing out the darn thing from top to bottom, which suited me just fine. Then while we were searching a grackle storeroom I found It. We examined it for a while, tried to figure out how It worked. It was outside my experience – older, and more wild. The mage was scared so scared, apparently he’s had bad luck with rosebush enchanted weapons, and the dwarf’s god forbade him from touching It. So much the better for me. It called to me. When I used It and felt It’s power, It felt like an old friend, rediscovered. Named the serpent’s fang, so shall it strike with the dripping venom of MY VENGANCE large bowl of porridge. So then we took a detour through a room with some lava beasts. They brought the heat flame, but in the end they went down melting like all the rest. We rescued the hostage they guarded and he gave us some key recon info on Sinruth. After Tor messed around with a magic pool we finally got it together and decided to go after Sinruth. What a fight that was, Orrin just pounded on him – toe-to-toe, while Tor kept pumping out the healing. Sinruth was increadibly strong, but Orrin was more than a match for him. So now we come to the letter. The mage was able to translate it from the guttural vernacular, and all was revealed. On the face of it a straightforward case of ambition and greed for The Hand. But under the surface, I sense the slimy putrid Hand of the guild at work. No wonder that their only interest lies in the weapon. No doubt they want to distill its secrets and subvert it for evil. I have to get that sword at all costs – the letter says to avoid showing it to the masters of rivenroar, so that’s exactly what I intend to do, preferably pressed hard against their throat.

The Tide is Turning
(assuming we don't have to jump anywhere)

What a busy day – We decided to bring our rescued friend back to the town, but on the way out of the crypt we heard voices and saw lights! Eardric wisely used his magical abilities to lure the unknown party forward so that we could spring a trap on them (most likely me, falling out of the pit again) but as they approached we found (thank Pelor) that it was the second rescue party, sent by Effram. John used his climbing kit and a rope to give us a safer way down the pit into the room below, so I was able to avoid yet another fall on my head.

After talking with the militia from the town, they led us to another captive trapped in a strange, magical barrier. Despite Orrin’s brave attempts, we were not yet able to free this woman, but we were able to pass her some liquids. We rested up (all of us were pretty beat up from the last few encounter) and then continued on.

Off the barracks we found a storeroom and a magical dagger for John. How exciting! I’m sure that Pelor wouldn’t approve of me using a poisoned weapon, but I have to admit it sure feels good to see it in John’s capable hands. We also had to fight some tough lava creatures. Despite everyone in the party’s encouragement, I was unable to jump over the lava streams, and fell in. Twice. One bright spot – we did manage to rescue yet another captive who was imprisoned in one of the cells off the room with the lava. The gentleman gave us good directions on where to find Sinruth, so we headed in that direction.

While scouting the area around Sinruth, we did find a fascinating magical pool. Despite Eadric’s warnings, I explored the pool and found that it was actually a scrying device, showing several of the areas among the crypt. I have been finding it harder and harder as we progress through this crypt to remain as cautious as Eadric as we face these new and fascinating magical devices. I suppose his time in the military has shown him the corpses of many a too-rash-for-his-own-good soldier and I should heed his warnings more… but its just so hard to not explore these amazing things I’ve only been able to read about in school and never actually touch.

Finally, we found and wiped out Sinruth and his gang. Orrin truly shined in this battle – landing two of the most mighty blows that I have ever seen on the huge hobgoblin, while the rest of the party attacked from a distance and I (though mighty Pelor) kept healing Orrin as much as I could. Once Orrin fell Sinruth, the rest of his cronies fell quickly to John and Orrin’s blades.

We still have people to rescue and items to recover, so we can’t linger on this success for long, but for the first time since we entered this crypt, I think we actually stand a chance of completing our tasks without one of us ending up dead. Or worse.


Letter to Sinruth

Brave Sinruth,

We of the Hand salute you! Your ability to unite the free peoples for our cause has been admirable, and I trust that you are now ready to undertake this most vital of missions. Our patrons tell us that now is the time to strike.

As I informed you in my last communication, you should first take refuge in the burial complex known as Rivenroar. The unquiet spirits that linger there are sympathetic to our cause. The Rivenroar masters have agreed to do no harm to you or your soldiers, so long as you do not disturb their bodies or the treasures that accompanied them to their graves.

Once you have encamped in the Rivenroar complex, launch your assault on Brindol before the next full moon. Our sleeper agent within the town suggests a three pronged assault: One highly visible frontal assault on the north gates to draw their attention. A second forceful incursion through the eastern gate (which our agent suggests is the least well-guarded), to cause mayhem in the north half of the town. Finally, a quiet intrusion over the south wall, to infiltrate their Hall of “Valor”.

In this building, they have built a shrine to mock our people. It is filled with artifacts celebrating their cowardice and treachery in the great war. Take any spoils that you wish, but your primary target is a sword, made of precious metals, once carried by their chieftain Xavier (a pox be on his name). The retrieval of this sword is your only concern. All other treasures are incidental, all soldiers are expendable. I trust I make myself clear on this matter.

With regard to your previous question, take any captives that you wish, so long as it does not endanger the primary mission. If your captives can be exploited for our cause, so much the better, otherwise the masters of Rivenroar would welcome any gifts of warm flesh.

Once you return to the Rivenroar tombs, maintain secrecy. Make no other raids, no matter how tempting the targets, unless you hear otherwise from me. I will send you further details once I learn of your success. In the meantime, keep the sword safe at all costs, and let none, especially the Rivenroar masters, examine it.

I have put considerable faith in you, Sinruth. If you live up to my expectations, you may yet be counted as a Wyrmlord as I know you hope. If you fail me, I will find your mates and your offspring, and give them up as the first sacrifices.

Yours in the Hand,
Azarr Kul
High Wyrmlord

A Daring Rescue
(Assuming we don't drop her down a pit)

Tor chimes up -

Why are we looking to bring her to the exit? Unless we are expecting to find our backup (who we probably would have heard stomping around in here by now), she’s still safer with us in the crypt than by herself hanging around in the woods outside the crypt by herself.

While we need some sort of break to let John and Orrin rest up, I’m confident that I can heal that infection you got from the rats if we take a nice rest. (Out Of Character: I have a +10 to heal, so unless this is one crazy poison odds are good I’ll clear it up for ya after a rest, see P 185 on treat disease) A rest wouldn’t do our semi-conscious companion any harm either.

If we bring her all the way back to town, it could take days and I really think there are more people in here that desperately need our help. So far enemies we’ve encountered have realized she’s either a) not a threat or b) valuable as a bargaining chip, so I say we rest up then press on to see if there’s someone else we can rescue.


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