General Xavier

Arrik Xavier (b. 16 Blood, 1214; d. 8 Hay, 1257) was a highly decorated Alliance general in the Great Karatanian War, and Commander of the Northern Forces.

Xavier was born near the town of Brindol in 1214. The sixth son of poor apple farmers, he saw little future for himself as a farmer, and enlisted in the army at age 15. His commanding officers immediately recognized him as a superior intellect, and written reports from this time make mention of an ”...astounding, almost supernatural grasp of… tactical strategies.”

He rose quickly through the enlisted and commissioned ranks, proving his skill as a tactician and commander in several decisive battles that brought a close to the Third Tarnac War. He was renowned for his ability to estimate the likelihood of every possible outcome in a battle, and to intuit the tactics needed to maximize a favorable outcome. Consequently, he never lost a battle, even wargames which were considered unwinnable.

When the Great Karatanian War began in 1252, General Xavier was made Commander of the Northern Forces of the Alliance. He is credited with holding back the Karatanian forces and moving the Alliance toward an inevitable victory. He was killed when the treacherous Karatanians used the vile magic of the Desolation Event.

General Xavier

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